Rescue Dawn

Director : Werner Herzog

Cast : Christian Bale, Steve Zahn

Synopsis :  Rescue Dawn tells the true story of U.S. Navy Lieutenant Dieter Dengler , who is shot down on his first mission and crash lands in Laos.  While the rest of his squadron searches for him, Dangler is captured and tortured by Pathet Laos troops, eventually landing in a camp with other American POWs.  To escape certain death, Dengler and the other POWs make a daring escape through the jungle.  After Duane, his last fellow escapee, is beheaded by a local villager, Dengler finds himself alone once again.  After 22 days struggling to survive, Dengler is finally rescued by a U.S. plane, only to find himself under scrutiny by the CIA because of his knowledge of the illegal incursion into Laos.

Genre : Action